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Within the Expanscience Group that owns the Mustela brand, people work every day on the changes to make to improve the environmental balance, safety, efficacy, and sensoriality of cosmetic formulas, and better adapt the product offering to consumer expectations… but if there is one thing that has never changed, it is the perfume of the baby cleansing milk. Or at least, this is our impression. Because that is not an absolute truth in the secrecy of the research laboratory! [Read more ]
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Cosmetics news

The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has just launched a new search engine on its website, to find information on 120000 chemicals used in Europe today and included in its database. This information is available in three layers of complexity: the simple infocard, the more detailed brief profile and the full source data. [Read more ]

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Expert selections

February 1, 2016 Expert selections

A mask show

From the hairline to the whole face, including the eye contour and specific areas of the body, masks are the ultimate cocooning treatment! As they combine pleasure and softness, freshness, and purity, they provide a pleasant sensation of relaxation and exude their benefits for an incomparable moment of wellness. Purifying, they help the skin get rid of toxins and clarify it. Soothing, they restructure the epidermis and rejuvenate features. Anti-aging, they instantaneously scrub any signs of fatigue, decongest and relax the eye contour area. Revitalizing, they soften and protect the hair to do it more easily. Here is our selection. [Read more ]

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Just a moment ago, we saw them on the runways, now they are within our grasp: Even though summer is a long time coming, this year’s makeup trends are already here! Get ready for eye shadows in metallic and chrome hues, 50 Shades of Blue and unusual eyeliner styles! We’ve rounded up the biggest trends... [Read more ]

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Trends, markets, regulations, actives, treatments, routines, physiology, bibliography… from shampoos to colouring, from new beauty gestures like smoothing to spray masks, major hair care actives, alopecia, and scalp discomfort, find out all our articles about hair and its cosmetics listed per category and dates of publication. [Read more ]

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Ingredient of the month

There is a passion going on in the world of cosmetics for micro-organisms and other bacteria, both those that are found in the environment and those that settle in our human bodies. What new actives can they produce? What interactions can we generate with them to design new skin treatments? This was the main theme of the scientific conferences organized for the Jean-Paul Marty Days held in Paris on December 8-9, 2015. And it was an opportunity for Mibelle Biochemistry to introduce a new, absolutely innovative anti-aging cosmetic active derived from snow micro-algae. [Read more ]

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Choosing your cosmetics well

When the hair is weakened and the scalp imbalanced… will any hair treatment do? Of course not. Now, if this is always true, it is even more so when the need appears stronger. Have a glance at the composition of your cosmetic products to avoid any unwelcome ingredient, and head for the most useful ones, while adopting the right gestures. [Read more ]

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Using your cosmetics well

As time goes by, good oral and dental hygiene is no longer enough to preserve tooth enamel and whiteness. Here are the good habits and right cosmetics – with or without fluorine – to be adopted to keep or recover your stainless smile. [Read more ]

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Learning to read labels

A thorough look at the ingredients is the only way to "comprehend" a cosmetic product (far more true and precise than any sales points or advertising!). However, it is not that easy: quite often, first, lay your hands on a powerful magnifier. Then you have to learn how to decipher the label. Underneath some clues to help you understand the list of ingredients... [Read more ]

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All about babies

Pregnancy is a time for many disruptions, in the mother-to-come body as well as in her daily life habits. This deals also with cosmetic ritual. What precautions are needed? What are the peculiar needs of the skin that shall be answered? Some reminders and advice by the CosmeticOBS-L’Observatoire des Cosmétiques experts to live safely this precious period. [Read more ]

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Cosmetics glossary

Created in 2011, the 'Origine France Garantie' label guarantees consumersthat the products bearing the logo were made in France. [Read more ]

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Cosmetics in books

In this fully updated edition of their bestselling book, health and beauty experts Josephine Fairley and Sarah Stacey bring together everything a woman needs to know about feeling great, looking gorgeous and being fabulous, whatever your age.Chapters include guidance on skin, hair, make-up, hands, feet and nails, sleep, exercise and much more. There are top tips for taking off ten years in minutes as well as the secrets of inspirational older women. [Read more ]

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