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You may have them in your cupboards. Maybe, you use them, still. Beware: they are dangerous, illegal, harmful... and are the subject of a recall or ban by the European sanitary authorities. Underneath, you may find all the cosmetic products targeted by the RAPEX alert system this week: sunscreens containing the allergenic preservative MI/MCI. [Read more ]
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Cosmetics news

During the Beauty Forum Paris, that will be held on 9 and 10 October 2016, the Health and Beauty group organizes a personalized networking program where exhibitors can meet face to face with European distributors and key importers. This is the ideal platform for buyers to find the right brand partner. [Read more ]

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Expert selections

Today, almost 1,600 cosmetic products covering more than 300 different brands and over 160 product categories are recommended by the CosmeticOBS experts. These products have obtained an overall average of at least 15/20, and/or are recommended in the various editions of the ‘Les Meilleurs Cosmétiques’ series (Médicis editions) and/or ‘Les Cosmétiques Premium’ (CosmeticOBS editions), or on the CosmeticOBS websites. [Read more ]

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Inspired by consumers’ continued search for reassurance and stability, fashion designers seek to answer a common call for calm through a Fall 2016 colour palette that captures strength and dependability while remaining uplifting, complex and sophisticated. Satisfying a universal desire for tranquillity, strength and optimism, as demonstrated by the Pantone Colour of the Year 2016, colour directions continue to evolve toward an antidote to modern stresses for both designers and wearers. [Read more ]

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Endocrine disruptors are substances which are likely to interact with the hormone system, with implications for health, cancer development, and human reproduction. They are everywhere, in particular in cosmetic products, and they both raise a lot of concern and provoke many reactions, whether from the general public or political and health authorities. This dossier provides an update on what should be known about endocrine disruptors. [Read more ]

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Ingredient of the month

It is part of many cosmetic formulas, usually as a sunscreen or colourant. It is also involved in all controversies on its toxicity, especially when it is used in the form of nanoparticles. Titanium dioxide, as it is designated in the INCI, or TiO2 for close friends, is a widely covered ingredient in the media. [Read more ]

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Choosing your cosmetics well

Beautiful eyes attract everybody’s attention! Not only do they arouse sympathy and trust, they are also one of - if not the - most important weapon that is utilized when flirting… who can resist sparkling eyes and seductive lashes? The secrets to get a stunningly beautiful look go through eyeliner, mascara, eye shadow, and skincare! [Read more ]

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Using your cosmetics well

Every morning, we think of cleansing our face to make it cleaner and fresher, we apply a cream to keep our skin healthy, we put on makeup to even our complexion and make our eyes shine… But we often forget about this one tiny detail: cleaning the accessories we use. And yet, they, too, deserve our full attention! [Read more ]

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Learning to read labels

These series of numbers and initials may seem quite obscure, and therefore pretty useless. And yet, if they are mandatory on cosmetics labels, it means they do have role to play, that of giving information. And all consumers can understand and learn how to use them, whenever needed. [Read more ]

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All about babies

Pregnancy is a time for many disruptions, in the mother-to-come body as well as in her daily life habits. This deals also with cosmetic ritual. What precautions are needed? What are the peculiar needs of the skin that shall be answered? Some reminders and advice by the CosmeticOBS-L’Observatoire des Cosmétiques experts to live safely this precious period. [Read more ]

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Cosmetics glossary

June 1, 2016 Cosmetics glossary


This term has been more and more commonly used for a while on cosmetics labels, in particular in anti-aging product sales leaflets. The concept may seem new… even if the cosmetics industry has been familiar with its principle for a long time, especially with the soft focus techniques. [Read more ]

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Cosmetics in books

Nanobiomaterials in Galenic Formulations and Cosmetics: Applications of Nanobiomaterials is one of the first books on the market related to the application of nanotechnology in galenic formulations and cosmetics. This book provides the results of current research for those working in an applied setting. The advantage of having all this information in one coherent text is the focused nature of the chapters and the ease of which this information can be accessed. [Read more ]

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