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Vegan. This word was frequently brought up as an integral part of the criteria to be respected at the Natural and Organic Cosmetics Conference hosted last October 7-8, 2014 in Berlin. What is it about? Is it an epiphenomenon exclusively related to Germany or an emerging trend set to spread across other countries? It does not seem that obvious, for example in France. Here are a few explanations. [Read more ]
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Cosmed organizes in Paris its fourth Cosmetic International Congress on Monday 15 December. This edition proposed in partnership with Ubifrance will present the marketing and regulatory requirements to place cosmetics on the asian market. Conferences will be held in English. [Read more ]

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Expert selections

Although it is less sensitive and reactive than the facial skin, our body’s skin still deserves a bit of attention. And as wintry weather is coming, it often needs to be comforted: nutrition and soothing as much as needed for sensitive or atopic-prone epidermises, protection and comfort on a daily basis for dry skins, regeneration and restructuration for more mature skins. [Read more ]

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Mintel, the independent market research firm, presented eight hair cosmetics to follow at the last Beyond Beauty trade show in Paris. From all-in-one to customized hair care, a styling product, or a covering brush, they are all innovative in terms of concept, texture, distribution system, or packaging. Here is a showcase of the latest hair trends. [Read more ]

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September 29, 2014 Dossiers

Parabens: the dossier

They stir up controversy since several years in the cosmetics world. They fuel public anxiety. They are a constant food for journalists’ reports; they draw the politicians’ attention to regulate them; they draw the attention of the scientists who study them. They are a recurrent worry for the formulators who have to use them … or to replace them, thanks to the pressure of the marketing departments, which prefer the "without" instead of the "with" mention … Parabens: a broad topic, all the pieces of information of which are gathered in this report. [Read more ]

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Ingredient of the month

Just like cooking, the cosmetics industry takes delight in using numerous spices. And the skin is often satisfied with the highly-seasoned – and very stimulating – flavours their bunches generate in our creams with such good taste! [Read more ]

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Test bench

Maybe, you think that nothing is simpler than soap? That its formula is too simple to be worth a look after? Think about it! From the "true" soap to the "soap-free soaps", including Marseille soaps, Aleppo soaps, perfumed bath soaps, oil-enriched or dermatological bar soaps… and more, probably. There is enough to be confused and to dither prior to choose among all these bars. Clues about nine formulae, by the CosmeticOBS-L’Observatoire des Cosmétiques experts. [Read more ]

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Choosing your cosmetics well

Formula, tolerance, safety, pleasure, labelling, price... A list of six criteria has been defined by our experts to evaluate the different aspects of cosmetics.Checklist. [Read more ]

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Using your cosmetics well

Red spots on the face are a pathology that affects some people with sensitive skin, and they are becoming the reason for more and more dermatologist visits. Focus on what rosacea sufferers should avoid and which cosmetics to use. [Read more ]

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Learning to read labels

CosmeticOBS makes you look back on its best publications all summer. If you have missed them, you can now make up for lost time. Here is the programme for the 'Learning to read labels' section:25 ingredients... to keep an eye on, the list of ingredients, the durability, and the 'Natural' mention. [Read more ]

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All about babies

From birth to the age of 3, our baby’s skin is often dry, reactive and delicate. It requires particular attention, and should as seldom as possible be exposed to cosmetic ingredients likely to cause allergies or irritations. Few cosmetics are needed for the bath, washing, and face or bottom care. Here are the essential daily products, and those to be used for specific needs selected by the experts at Cosmetic OBS-L’Observatoire des Cosmétiques. [Read more ]

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Cosmetics glossary

Thelogo "RecommendedbyL'Observatoire des Cosmétiques”isdedicated to the products prized by the CosmeticOBS-L’Observatoire des Cosmétiques experts. These cosmetics won an overall mean mark equal to or above 15/20, and/or are recommended in theworksof the collection"TheBestCosmetics" (Medicis editions) or "Premium Cosmetics" (CosmeticOBS editions) or on the CosmeticOBS-L’Observatoire des Cosmétiques websites. [Read more ]

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Cosmetics in books

Guide des Meilleurs Cosmétiques 2015-2016 (The Guide of the Best Cosmetics 2015-2016) - Within few years, this Guide (in French language), recognized by professionals and consumers for its independence and its reliability, has become the single reference guide for purchasing cosmetics in France and French-speaking countries. For this new edition, even more demanding and more complete, 8.000 products from 555 brands have been thoroughly assessedby the professional and independent experts of CosmeticOBS-L'Observatoire des Cosmétiques. [Read more ]

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