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No gloves, they are obviously for the hands… No woollen caps, they are supposed to warm up our hair and ears… As a consequence, our lips must actually go out without any cloth to cover them, so they are the first casualties of periods of cold and climate aggressions. Still, we can protect them! And it is even recommended to keep them supple and soft, preserve them from small cracks, dryness, and discomfort, and keep them real smooth to welcome makeup… or kisses! Go get your own balm, then! But not any of them… [Read more ]

February 1, 2016
A mask show

January 18, 2016
On a razor-edge
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January 4, 2016 Expert selections
On the changing table

For young mothers, there are many and varied treatments to perform on the changing table! From merely changing a nappy to soothing a painful rash, there are so many nappies to handle and small folds to wash over the first months of a baby’s life. Cosmetic brands are here to help, so they... [Read more ]
December 21, 2015 Expert selections
Beauty elixirs

Softening, restructuring, or purifying, the serum is a highly concentrated, anti-stress cosmetic treatment. It is recommended as part of the facial beauty routine before applying a cream, but it can actually be used alone on certain skin types. As an elixir with a melting texture, it nourishes... [Read more ]
December 14, 2015 Expert selections
The Nourishing Selection

When winter comes, the skin suffers from the cold, the wind, the rain, or the snow. It can get damaged, so it reacts, and tends to dehydrate, in particular if it is dry and fragile. The face is the most concerned area, along with the lips and hands, but also certain body areas and the scalp.... [Read more ]

November 23, 2015 Expert selections
The 2015 ChristmasSelection

Just like every year, the CosmeticOBS-L'Observatoire des Cosmétiques experts have made a Christmas selection for you to buy as a gift or for your own pleasure. Glamour skincare products for the celebrations, body and face sensorial cosmetics, women and men’s products, best sellers... [Read more ]
November 9, 2015 Expert selections
Oriental ritual

With its black soap and rhassoul wrap, anti-aging argan and prickly pear pip oil, rose water and its entrancing scent, or kohl and its deep pigments, the hammam ritual and its oriental ingredients offer sun-kissed, exotic cosmetics. Indulge in the charm of these Arabian nights’ beauty and... [Read more ]
October 26, 2015 Expert selections
Cleansing milks

Milk is the best adapted texture to gently cleanse the most sensitive epidermises. Whether creamy or melting, soothing or nourishing, a cleansing milk helps the facial skin remove impurities and makeup. In the evening and in the morning, a simple gesture will refresh it and leave it soft and... [Read more ]

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October 12, 2015 Expert selections
Sweet and savoury

Sugar is a very good moisturizer and skin rejuvenator. Salt is a cosmetic active known for its remineralizing benefits. Both are regularly sprinkled on beauty product compositions, much to the delight of our skins. Their grains are also used as such as melting exfoliating agents in scrubs, or as... [Read more ]
September 28, 2015 Expert selections
The beauty hive

Not only honey can sweeten our cream jars with its moisturizing, rejuvenating properties. Other active ingredients from the hive like beeswax, royal jelly, propolis, and pollen add their own buzzing to our beauty products and swarm their properties into a wide bunch of cosmetics ranges…... [Read more ]
September 14, 2015 Expert selections
Total nude look

It does not look like it, because it provides a healthy-glow effect, whileremaining discreet; but beautifully done natural makeup requires both skilland products with most subtle shades to perfectly suit the complexion,without making it dull. BB creams, foundations, blushers,... [Read more ]
August 31, 2015 Expert selections
Cleansing foams

Face cleansing is an important step in the daily beauty ritual. In themorning, it helps the skin get rid of the sweat and sebum produced whilesleeping, and it makes it more toned and ready to receive moisturizingtreatments. At night, it is essential to enhance its radiance... [Read more ]

August 17, 2015 Expert selections
Mint freshness

Whether soft or green mint, corn mint, or peppermint, mint adornsinnumerable beauty products with its numerous benefits. It can be found inthe form of a purifying essential oil in ranges for oily skins, toning andrefreshing extracts in dental care, or perfuming oil in... [Read more ]
August 3, 2015 Expert selections
The After-sun Oil Selection

After the beach, cosmetic oils offer a wealth of benefits to our body andhair. They stimulate the natural rejuvenation of the epidermis sensitizedby sun exposure and nourish hair ends, dried by repeated swims. Illuminating and satiny, they beautify the skin and delicately perfume it.... [Read more ]
July 6, 2015 Expert selections
The Selection to show off beautiful feet!

To prevent the appearance of callosities or repair chapped heels, nothing better than good hydration with a well-adapted foot cream. It soothes skin dryness and prevents the formation of unsightly cracks. And after long summer days, it refreshes and cuddles hot feet, while providing a most... [Read more ]
June 22, 2015 Expert selections
The red fruit beauty basket

Cherries, strawberries, and other red fruit are back. If they are delicious for our taste buds this season, they also colour our beauty products with their cosmetics properties. On the menu: antioxidants and vitamins to enhance radiance, sugars to reinforce hydration, and gourmand perfumes to... [Read more ]
June 8, 2015 Expert selections
The Light Leg Selection

As warmer weather approaches, many women (and men) start experiencing the rather unpleasant sensation of heavy legs. The cosmetics industry has developed numerous toning and draining products to ease it: invigorating exfoliants, fresh gels, relaxing massage balms or oils. Their phlebotonic and... [Read more ]
May 25, 2015 Expert selections
Asian Trends

With its layering ritual in Japan or the BB cream phenomenon in South Korea, Asia is the key beauty continent right now. Over the past few seasons, new product launches or skincare gestures have all come from this region of the world, a real cosmetic trends laboratory where complexion is king.... [Read more ]
May 11, 2015 Expert selections
The Toner Selection

From shower to skincare products, and of course, cleansing lotions, cosmetology is getting tonic for everyone from morning till night. Stimulating beech bud, revitalizing aloe vera, invigorating witch hazel floral water, astringent cucumber, regenerating Damascus rose, or refreshing citrus fruit... [Read more ]
April 27, 2015 Expert selections
The Anti-Aging Selection

Over time, our skin becomes less toned and loses radiance, and wrinkles and fine lines start to appear. Just like all our body organs, the epidermis suffers the effects of aging, though it varies depending on our own life hygiene and on genetic and environmental factors. If the skin cannot... [Read more ]
April 13, 2015 Expert selections
A quick wash

Our cosmetics must be irreproachable, even those to be rinsed off: pleasant to use, efficient and convenient, but also formulated so they cannot harm our skin and health, while being environmentally friendly.The experts at CosmeticOBS have looked through the hygiene product offer to select... [Read more ]
March 25, 2015 Expert selections
Massage session

Whether we enjoy these sensorial experiences ourselves or offer them to our close relations, massage manoeuvres on the body and face provide softness and wellness, for everyone, from a very early age. Spray oils or oils to be warmed up, balms, and butters are used to make modelling movements... [Read more ]