Using your cosmetics well

Some things are known, point. Others, we are sure to know them … while we do it wrong, sometimes! For instance: do you use your cosmetics the best way? Do you know how to get the best from them … and how to avoid the most common errors? A small non-exhaustive list of what to do and of the best behaviours. [Read more ]
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December 19, 2016 Using your cosmetics well
Party makeup: make it shine!

Only a few days before celebrations get started, and you are all stressed out! You still have a few presents to buy, the dinner to prepare, and your outfit to choose, so the issue of party makeup is not on the agenda yet. No panic! CosmeticOBS has made a list of the best tricks to end the year... [Read more ]

December 14, 2016 Using your cosmetics well
Beautiful hair requires preparation

Dry, brittle, dull, unmanageable… Sometimes our hair just does exactly as it pleases. And yet, if it makes our lives difficult, there is no doubt it is because it is ill-treated, and it wants it to be known.Healthy hair requires a hair care routine with several steps. Here is a little... [Read more ]

December 7, 2016 Using your cosmetics well
5 steps for a flawless complexion

A perfect complexion with no imperfection: that is the ideal many of us long for. But it is not that simple. Hormonal disruptions, food, stress, or pollution are all factors that can harm the skin condition. Still, there is no need to flee to the countryside to get a doll skin: makeup is an... [Read more ]

December 5, 2016 Using your cosmetics well
Makeup brushes: how to use them?

Using fingers to put on makeup? An absolute scandal for makeup aficionados. If applying foundation with the hands used to be common practice for ordinary mortals, it is now trendy to have the same tools as professional makeup artists (but beware: ‘identical tools’ does not... [Read more ]

November 28, 2016 Using your cosmetics well
Highlighter: a user guide

Highlighter… This term is everywhere in the feminine press, in beauty blogger posts, and in cosmetics points of sale. More than a fad, highlighters seem to be settling for good in the average woman beauty kit. Very well, but what is it? How should it be used? Here is a short lesson for... [Read more ]

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November 21, 2016 Using your cosmetics well
Top 6 of beauty gestures for a beautiful skin in winter

It is the same story every year: winter comes with its great charm, but also its drawbacks. And one the first to suffer from it is the skin: greyish complexion, dryness, tightness sensation… we must take good care of it. Here is the Top 6 of the essential gestures to be adopted for a... [Read more ]

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September 26, 2016 Using your cosmetics well
Make-up: colours of fall

Year after year, we see a bright spectacle of green, brown, yellow, and red shades: as the sun belongs to summer and snow belongs to winter, the variety of colours is part of the fall season: Not only is it the most colourful season of the year but also a real treasure chest of make-up and... [Read more ]

September 12, 2016 Using your cosmetics well
5 magic ways to away skin blemishes

It’s a dream for most of us but only very few have it by nature: flawless skin. Indeed, redness, blemishes, pigmented spots and other impurities ruin the magic of perfect skin. Not only is required to take special care but also to wear the proper make up! Learn how to just fade away skin... [Read more ]

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July 25, 2016 Using your cosmetics well
Pure and fresh face: 4 tips for facial cleansing

It's a familiar sight to every woman: jars, bottles and tubes piled up in our bathroom. Even though we consequently stick to the daily beauty routine, our skin is lacking in radiance. Why is that? Facial cleansing can often be the root cause: minor as it may seem, it has a lot of influence on... [Read more ]

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June 27, 2016 Using your cosmetics well
5 tips to take care of makeup accessories

Every morning, we think of cleansing our face to make it cleaner and fresher, we apply a cream to keep our skin healthy, we put on makeup to even our complexion and make our eyes shine… But we often forget about this one tiny detail: cleaning the accessories we use. And yet, they, too,... [Read more ]

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May 25, 2016 Using your cosmetics well
Summer colours in beauty

Bright colours, delicately melting textures, and fresh, fruity fragrances: summer has finally arrived! After having seen the Pantone Color of the Year, we already got a first impression of what the trends are going to be about. However, the colour palette has much more to offer for the sunny and... [Read more ]

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May 11, 2016 Using your cosmetics well
Quick beauty fixes: getting beautiful in no time

Time is one of our most precious belongings that, due to our jobs, families and households, can sometimes be rare. Besides their duties and obligations, women don't always find time for an extensive beauty routine. The good news is that there are some quick beauty fixes, making us beautiful in... [Read more ]

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April 27, 2016 Using your cosmetics well
A perfect kiss! Lipsticks, lip care and dental hygiene

Say cheese! Besides shiny hair and sparkling eyes, our mouth is one of the most important attractively features of our time. However, not only soft lips but also groomed teeth make up the perfect kiss. How to get it? Follow the guide! [Read more ]

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February 29, 2016 Using your cosmetics well
Low poo, No poo: what for, who for?

Less or no shampoo… such is the new ‘trendy’ recommendation for washing our hair. And it covers a vast scope, from only rinsing out your hair to more elaborate routines including cosmetics, which are booming to meet this new demand. Here are the pros and cons… [Read more ]
October 28, 2015 Using your cosmetics well
How to prevent tooth erosion and stains

As time goes by, good oral and dental hygiene is no longer enough to preserve tooth enamel and whiteness. Here are the good habits and right cosmetics – with or without fluorine – to be adopted to keep or recover your stainless smile. [Read more ]

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January 26, 2015 Using your cosmetics well
Fresh breath and cosmetics

Using cosmetics, mainly toothpaste and mouthwash, on a daily basis, is essential for a good oral hygiene. And specific actives favour a fresh and healthy breath, in addition to a few right gestures to optimize their efficacy. [Read more ]

May 21, 2014 Using your cosmetics well
Redness and rosacea up close

Red spots on the face are a pathology that affects some people with sensitive skin, and they are becoming the reason for more and more dermatologist visits. Focus on what rosacea sufferers should avoid and which cosmetics to use. [Read more ]

May 8, 2014 Using your cosmetics well
Which skincare programme best suits men’s skin?

It is thicker and more resistant to the effects of time. It gets marked by the signs of ageing later than women’s skin. It is also usually oilier – particularly that of the face – with dilated pores that are not always very clean. It suffers from a lack of skincare, and of... [Read more ]

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May 1, 2014 Using your cosmetics well
Fasting therapy for your skin?

Fasting therapies are not only good for your body. Your skin can also greatly benefit from both a regular “cosmetic diet” and the total absence of any manipulation. A complete rest, is all that is on the agenda. Here are a few explanations… [Read more ]

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March 12, 2014 Using your cosmetics well
Spring-cleaning: face scrubbing

Temperatures are getting warmer, sun rays less shy, buds are peeping out in the trees and gardens are blooming: yes, spring is here! With the big cleanings going with it, from the bottom of your wardrobes… to the pores of your skin! Cleansing, getting rid of impurities, refining texture,... [Read more ]