November 1, 2017 Cosmetics news

Christmas 2017: beauty Advent calendars are here

Still 53 days before Santa Claus shows up with his sack… Instead of crossing out the days on a makeshift calendar until the fateful day, why not make things a bit more pleasant? Beauty Advent calendars started flourishing in stores a few years ago, and have been causing mass hysteria ever since!

Here is a report on the most attractive Advent calendars this season – for all budgets.

Yves Rocher
Price: €39.90
Yves Rocher has signed an Advent calendar made of recyclable cardboard derived from sustainably managed forests. In this edition, you will find everything you need to make yourself beautiful from head to toe: hand cream, body cream, shower gel, makeup, cleanser, perfume, and even nail varnish.

L'Occitane en Provence
Price: €49 and €99
As they do every year, L'Occitane partnered with illustrator Kanako for their Christmas box. You will find the same usual selection of iconic products, but this year, L'Occitane has decided to market a Premium version for €99. This edition contains more sophisticated skincare as well as miniature perfumes.

Price: €58
Biotherm has joined the frenzy for Advent calendars by offering a first edition featuring a real diverse selection. It contains cleansing products, face and body cosmetics, and three miniature skincare products for men.

Price: €59.90 and €79.50
The Dutch brand created two versions this year. The first features 24 surprises for the body and bath and four perfumed candles. The second is a deluxe box with the shape of a small cardboard, golden Christmas tree on which you can hang the small packs. As for the products, you will find the same type of cosmetics in the second box, as well as a miniature eau de parfum.

Price: €63
Contrary to other calendars, in the Nuxe version, there are only ten boxes, but still 24 days to wait before getting all your presents! Apart from this detail, the brand makes amends by offering flagship products like Huile Prodigieuse or Rêve de Miel products. The sizes are generous: for example, a 50ml bottle is nestled in one of the boxes.

Price: €75
Nail addicts will be delighted. Unsurprisingly, the calendar is composed of nail varnish in both retail and travel sizes. You will also find skincare for nails and a nail varnish remover bottle.

Price: €120
It is the most expensive in our selection, but the Clarins calendar contains three retail size products. As for the rest, you will find miniatures, samples, and travel size cosmetics. Clarins has hidden skincare and makeup products, but also everything needed to cleanse and hydrate your face. You will get a whole beauty routine. But beware, it is a limited edition.

Calendars are victims of their own success: they are often sold out even before the Christmas season gets started. So, we recommend searching for them as from now. And then, you will only need to patiently wait until December 1, but that is a different story.


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