December 20, 2017 Cosmetics news

U’Cosmetics 2018 embraces recycling

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For the 9th annual event, the students of the Catholic University of the West, in Guingamp, Brittany, invite you to discover the world of upcycling, a trend that consists in the valorization of by-products, unused biomass, and co-products. The two parts of the event to take place on March 15, a professional symposium and a student competition, will be focused on this theme.

Upcycling is the action of retrieving materials or products that are no longer needed to transform them into personalized, innovative products. It is like ‘upstream' recycling, a concept which combines environmental benefits and innovation.
On March 15, this most trendy theme will be extensively studied in two ways: via the symposium and a student competition.


The presentations will be completed with a round table and focus on the valorization of co-products in ingredients and packaging.
Several questions will be put forward:
• What is UPCYCLING?
• What progress has been made in co-product valorization in the cosmetics industry?
• What are consumer expectations in terms of marketing?
• What are the implications of upcycling for ingredients and packaging?

The ten projects nominated for the U'Cosmetics competition – and the winners! – will also be revealed for the first time to the symposium participants.


The U'Cosmetics competition is the biggest formulation and innovation competition for students in France. Any student in the field of cosmetics holding a Bachelor or Master's Degree can participate. In 2018, the competing teams are required to innovate on the theme of upcycling.

On March 15, 2018, the ten teams selected will present their projects to the jury, professionals, and students attending the event. The teams that will have presented the most innovative projects will be rewarded with three awards:
• Cosmetic Innovation Award
• Innovative Concept Award
• ‘Coup de Coeur' Award

21 student teams have registered for the competition. They come from all over France, even from abroad: for the first time, a team from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece, will participate. And they are all specialized in different fields: cosmetology, pharmaceutics, chemistry, formulation, marketing…

Learn more
• Visit the U'Cosmetics 2018 website

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