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Hair products: the dossier


Trends, markets, regulations, actives, treatments, routines, physiology, bibliography… from shampoos to colouring, from new beauty gestures like smoothing to spray masks, major hair care actives, alopecia, and scalp discomfort, find out all our articles about hair and its cosmetics listed per category and dates of publication.

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March 8, 2016 Scientific publications
A gene for grey hair… and its cosmetic applications

The first gene identified for greying hair has been discovered by an international University College London-led study, confirming greying has a genetic component and is not just environmental. Published on March 1st in Nature Communications, these findings have potential cosmetic applications. [Read more ]

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March 2, 2016 European Commission
Europe reassures about the safety of hair dyes

They are widely used to get a new look, brighten dull hair, or hide white hair. But they are also worrying due to their allergenic or toxic potential for the body. So, to both reassure consumers and support the cosmetics industry, the European Commission has just published a sheet on hair dyes. [Read more ]

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October 27, 2014 Congress reports
Different forms of alopecia and treatment

Daily hair loss is normal. But when you lose too much hair, too regularly or all of a sudden, there is a problem. Not all hair loss is caused by the same thing, and treatments vary. At Cosmed's 14th Day of Scientific and Technical Exchanges, Alexandre Guichard, of the Besançon university... [Read more ]

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October 20, 2014 Congress reports
How well do you know your hair?

Did you know that humans have four different kinds of hair? And that women have just as much body hair as men? That androgens make beards grow and cause baldness? And that we still don’t fully understand the lifecycle of hair? At the 14th Day of Scientific and Technical Exchanges, put on... [Read more ]

May 21, 2015 Trends
Granny trend and co-washing are more than just buzzwords

According to the global market research and consulting firm Kline, the “granny trend” of women of all ages coloring their hair shades of silver and gray is more than a media craze. Another trend validated by this revolutionary data set is co-washing, which is the practice of... [Read more ]

October 13, 2014 Trends
Mintel: eight hair care products worth keeping an eye on

Mintel, the independent market research firm, presented eight hair cosmetics to follow at the last Beyond Beauty trade show in Paris. From all-in-one to customized hair care, a styling product, or a covering brush, they are all innovative in terms of concept, texture, distribution system, or... [Read more ]

September 24, 2014 Trends
The hair care ritual in Asia

Shampoos, hair tonics, anti-aging hair care, and UV protection are the great basics of the daily hair care ritual of Asian women, who are real trendsetters in cosmetics. Here are some explanations and selections of innovative products made by the Information & Inspiration agency at the 2014... [Read more ]

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January 23, 2014 Trends
The healthy French shampoo

According to a study by Canadean, the French shampoo market will continue to grow. Shampoo was the largest category in the French Haircare market in terms of both value (30.3%) and volume (43.8%) in 2012. The category is forecast to see a value Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 1.2% to 2017,... [Read more ]

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November 6, 2013 Trends
Hair colourants lighten the global hair care market

The world is ageing. And as we increasingly become a “Grey Hair Society”, the base of ageing consumers looking to welcome hair products that make them look younger has never been bigger. Indeed, reflecting its popularity, new research from Mintel reveals hair colourants is the only... [Read more ]

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September 4, 2013 Trends
Dry shampoo, the new deal!

Though already used in the ‘70s, dry shampoo, fallen into disuse for a long time, makes a noteworthy come-back since 2011. The majors of hair-care positioned themselves on this segment, and propose now scented, coloured or volumising versions. This is an Anglo-Saxon trend that mess habits,... [Read more ]

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March 27, 2013 Trends
The rising of dry shampoos

According to new research from Mintel Beauty & Personal Care on the dry shampoo market, a shower is no longer necessary when it’s time to suds up your hair. In fact, Mintel found that in 2008, dry shampoo introductions accounted for just 1% of global shampoo launch activity but by 2012... [Read more ]

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August 7, 2012 Trends
Hair care: Chinese prefer all-natural and performance

After a survey by the research company Mintel, 81 % of Chinese consumers prefer to buy all-natural hair care. This is the result of the recurrent concerns about the safety of products. However, they are also many to look for the performance and the efficiency … at the expense of the... [Read more ]

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August 6, 2012 European Commission
A European Directive for safer hair dyes

In April 2003, an exhaustive reevaluation of all the colourants used in hair dyes in Europe has been launched. At stake: to improve the safety level for consumers through the writing of a new regulation, to lower both the toxic and allergic risks, frequent for this kind of ingredients. A new... [Read more ]

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March 25, 2011 Cosmetics news
Hair dyes: a debate about their safety

Hair dyes are often a cause for concern about their safe use, due to the risk of allergy and to their toxic potential. These very special cosmetics are on the front page of the last issue of 60 Millions de Consommateurs (60 million consumers), a French consumering journal, which conducted a test... [Read more ]

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March 20, 2012 Choosing your cosmetics well
Hair dyes: which danger is hung over our heads?

Toxicity, risks of cancer, irritations, allergies, anaphylactic shocks going to a coma… one can no longer keep track of the warnings and words of caution about hair dyes. Faced to recurrent fears, the cosmetic industry plays the reassuring actor, stating that the formula of its... [Read more ]

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January 5, 2012 Using your cosmetics well
How to have a beautiful hair

They are often said to be too coarse,too dry, too static, too flat, too oily, too thin, too unruly, too this or too that... What about giving them the opportunity we like them? By treating them with consideration, contrary to what we give them through our daily shampoos, hairstyling... [Read more ]

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June 20, 2011 Using your cosmetics well
The Brazilian straightening

It is more and more trendy, applied on teenagers’ hair as well as on their mothers’. The Brazilian straightening, said to be a natural and ideal care to answer problems of wainscot and unruly curls, proves to be attractive. Indeed, what is it exactly? How does it work? Which result... [Read more ]

September 8, 2014 Expert selections
Time to look after your locks

Time to get back to work with your hair too! On the hair care list recommended by our experts: gentle shampoos with mare’s milk or keratin, a hair conditioning balm with argan, a nourishing shea base, and a repairing mask with pracaxi oil to cleanse, repair and beautify your hair, which... [Read more ]

January 15, 2014 Expert selections
The Low Poo selection

After the No Poo method (No shampoo), which replaces shampoo with a hair conditioner, here comes the Low Poo trend. It is more specifically destined for dry, curly, frizzy and weakened hair, and consists in reducing the number of washes so as to avoid too frequent exposure to irritating (SLS) or... [Read more ]

April 7, 2012 Ingredient of the month

It is now an ingredient that can no longer be ignored in hair care: shampoos, conditioners, masks or serums "enriched with keratin". It is the basis of the Brazilian straightening; it is present in some skin cares, and, more frequently, in nail cares… By the way, what is exactly... [Read more ]

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September 7, 2010 Ingredient of the month

They are an ingredient of many face-care creams, and cannot be ignored in hair products, shampoos and hair-conditioners. Silicones are synthetic products, said to be almost non-biodegradable and pollutant for the environment. Nevertheless, there are many other points to know about them… [Read more ]

June 15, 2010 Ingredient of the month
Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein

Since some few years, hydrolyzed wheat proteins are an ingredient commonly used in our cosmetics. In the list of ingredients of many hair-care products or skin-care creams, "Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein" is an active ingredient, even often stated as organic. Nevertheless, an ingredient widely used... [Read more ]

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March 17, 2011 Cosmetics glossary

Hair is considered as an annex of skin, made of keratin. Colour, thickness or apperance may be different; hair is an image of our culture or our origins and also our tastes. On average, hair comprises 120000 to 150000 hair which grow constantly throughout our life ... [Read more ]

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October 28, 2008 Cosmetics glossary
Hair Conditioning Agent

Hair conditioning agents leave the hair easy to comb, smooth, soft and shiny and/or gives volume, highlights, brilliance, etc. [Read more ]

February 15, 2013 Cosmetics in books
Bilingual lexicon of hairdressing

What is the English word for “Certificat d’Aptitude Professionnelle (CAP) coiffure”, a French professional training diploma for hair-dressers? Fer à friser (curling iron)? Bac à shampooing (Shampoo chair)? Coloriste (colourist)? Séparer les mèches en... [Read more ]

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November 22, 2017 Dossiers
Endocrine disruptors: the dossier

Endocrine disruptors are substances which are likely to interact with the hormone system, with implications for health, cancer development, and human reproduction. They are everywhere, in particular in cosmetic products, and they both raise a lot of concern and provoke many reactions, whether... [Read more ]

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June 13, 2016 Dossiers
Sunscreens: the dossier

Essential to protect our skins from the harmful effects of UV radiation, be it on the beach in summertime or in the mountains in winter, sunscreens are, nevertheless, questioned as per their efficiency or their safety. Quite often, debates resurface about the allergenic risks of synthetic... [Read more ]

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May 24, 2016 Dossiers
Nanoparticles: the dossier

Many customers are worried, due to their potential toxicity towards our body. The manufacturers, too, are concerned, as they use them for their many cosmetic properties: they have to face new regulatory requirements ... though they do not have all the needed means as of now. Since 11 July 2013,... [Read more ]

March 31, 2016 Dossiers
Perfumes: the dossier

It belongs to the French industrial heritage and makes women and men dream all around the world. And in an age where consumers demand total transparency, it has been in the hot seat for some of its allergenic substances and well-kept trade secrets. Perfume is all this, and much more… It... [Read more ]
April 20, 2015 Dossiers
Sensitive skins: the dossier

They are thin and fragile, they get tight and red, sometimes they tingle… and they are not always easy to live with. Sensitive skins are very specific among problem epidermises and require particular care. How to identify them without getting wrong, and learn the first gestures to relieve... [Read more ]

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September 29, 2014 Dossiers
Parabens: the dossier

They stir up controversy since several years in the cosmetics world. They fuel public anxiety. They are a constant food for journalists’ reports; they draw the politicians’ attention to regulate them; they draw the attention of the scientists who study them. They are a recurrent... [Read more ]

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April 15, 2014 Dossiers
Aluminium: the dossier

It is more and more questioned, especially when used as salts in cosmetics. Is aluminium dangerous when applied on our skins? Is it to be more strictly regulated? What are the alternatives for the formulators, as answers to in the increasing worries of the consumers?... [Read more ]