September 14, 2017 Focus on French Launches

Innovative post-summer mascaras

A tailor-made volume thanks to a barrel to tighten, a small bottle to shake like that famous drink, and which no longer dries out – or almost –, formulas in tubes or with vitamin-boosted vinyl effects… once again, the mascaras launched this autumn breathe new life into the product category…

Is it still possible to invent new mascaras?
Of course it is: once again, women's favourite makeup product has reinvented itself for the post-summer season, with brand new tube textures like British brand Eyeko's, now available in Sephora
stores. Formulas contain keratin, shea butter, provitamin B, and cellulose powder, they are highly-pigmented and prevent any smudge – meaning they dry super-fast – and can be
removed with hot water. They are available with different brushes: to curve lashes (Black Magic Mascara or Lash Alert), in the form of an hourglass (Rock Out & Lash Out), or in ultra-fine shapes, if you are seeking a natural result (Lengthening Skinny Brush Mascara). They are all the same price: €23.50.

In supermarkets and hypermarkets, Rimmel offers the Mascara Volume Shake (€13.90, two shades: Black and Extreme Black), a volumizing mascara to be shaken to preserve its freshness as long as possible. Every time you shake it, the very thixotropic water-gel texture (it can turn from solid to liquid under the
effect of a mechanic shock) gets back to its unctuous feel thanks to an exclusive cylindrical stirring device in the mascara's body – a real feat, given the fact that mascara formulas are usually very thick, devoid of any fluidity, and difficult to mix. Last detail: the packaging design was inspired from cocktail shakers to convey the notion of mixture. The small bottle is larger than a standard mascara to be able to insert the internal mechanism. You should adopt it if you are tired of mascaras that dry in two weeks.

Cutting-edge formulas

We owe them to Clinique.
The first (Custom-Lash + Long-Lasting Lash Power Flutter-to-Full Volume Mascara, Black, €29, preview in Sephora stores as from September, later
available from department stores and on the brand's e-shop as from October) is endowed with innovative packaging with three notches for three volume levels in one. A simple barrel twist, and you turn from a fluttery to an average, well-defined, or most intense volume! The barrel tightens or widens the scraper to deliver a determined quantity of mascara on the brush. Just twist it until you get the volume wanted. A single brush twist can actually customize the appearance of your lashes and create either a natural look or night makeup result. The long-lasting, 24h formula enriched in jojoba oil withstands cold water, perspiration, and humidity, but it can be easily removed with hot water at 39 degrees.
As for the second Clinique formula (High Impact Mascara with lifted lash effect, Black, €25), it avoids the use of a curler. The ultra-light, fluttery foam texture based on polymers and sapota oil (from Central America, rich in vitamins C and B6, revitalizes lashes), combined with the conical brush, curves lashes without making them heavier.

Coloured style or lash primer

Adjustable, fun, but always bold, the new Yves Saint Laurent Mascara Vinyl Couture is available in nine pop shades (electric blue, fuchsia, Burgundy, emerald green… including three top-coats, iridescent and scintillating black, white, or dazzling gold, €33.50). Its fluid, transparent base has a high capacity of absorption of the coloured pigments. Combined with wax microparticles, the liquid crystal technology creates a supple, shiny, both sophisticated and trendy finish for all those who like having fun. Result? Intense colours doubled with a radiant vinyl effect.

Last innovation in supermarkets: the lash primer, the first mascara base by Maybelline New York, which prepares every lash to intensify the mascara volume (Cils Sensational Primer, €7.95).

Ariane Le Febvre

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