June 26, 2017 Trends

Cosmetics based on flower waters

Delicate, scented, and coloured, flowers are not just a pleasure for our senses: many of them have beneficial effects on the skin. Their presence in skincare rituals is nothing new, and the cosmetics industry intends to keep using them for a long time. Rose, cornflower, or lavender, flowers are everywhere.

Whatever their smell or action on the skin, there is something for every taste!

Regard Hypnotica - Sanoflore

Product: the French brand has developed an anti-fatigue eye contour. The cream may be applied on both dark circles and lids to smooth the whole area and visibly reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Sanoflore has used Organic Centaurea Cornflower water from the French region of Vercors for its decongestant virtues.
Price: Regard Hypnotica is available for about €27.90 for a 15ml capacity.
Where can I find it? The brand is distributed in pharmacies and parapharmacies, but it is also available from all conventional distributors. The cream can also be found on online selling platforms.

Revitalizing Nourishing Cream – Officinea

Product: Specifically dedicated to dry, tight epidermises, the Revitalizing Nourishing Cream soothes the sensation of skin discomfort. It is the verbena floral water that was used in this formula for its refreshing, softening, and soothing properties. Camomile water can also be found in it for its toning and regenerating benefits.
Price: Count €29.90 for a 40ml tube.
Where can I find it? Officinea is available online on the brand's own e-shop, as well as through beauty advisors at home.

9 to 5 - Lush

Product: The British brand has developed a makeup removing & cleansing lotion. There is Italian everlasting flower water in it to help cleanse makeup residues.
Price: The 100ml bottle is sold for €10.95.
Where can I find it? In all Lush stores, but also on the brand's online store.

Smoothing Care – Eye & Lip Contour - Nafha

Product: Here is another product to smooth the eye contour area, but which can also be applied around the lips. This skincare cream is formulated with a cornflower hydrolate for its moisturizing and soothing action. As for witch hazel water, it enhances microcirculation.
Price: To get this product, you will need to pay €46 for a 30ml capacity.
Where can I find it? Nafha is distributed in beauty salons and by a few organic resellers. However, the brand has its own e-shop.

Eau de Rose - Melvita

Product: How can we talk about flowers in cosmetics without mentioning roses? Melvita offers 100% petal-based water to be used as a lotion to get the skin ready for the next skincare products. It moisturizes, regenerates, and refreshes the epidermis.
Price: Count €11.50 for the 200ml version. Good to know: Melvita has also developed other pure floral waters to be selected according to your skin type and problems.
Where can I find it? The brand is sold in pharmacies/parapharmacies and supermarkets, but also on the Melvita online store.

Neutral Liquid Soap - Centifolia

Product: It is a neutral cleansing base free from any perfume or essential oil to guarantee its osmosis with the skin. However, Centifolia has added lavender floral water to the formula for its soothing virtues.
Price: The 500ml pump-bottle is available for €8.90.
Where can I find it? All products can be found on the brand's e-shop.

This list is far from exhaustive, since there are so many products containing one or more floral waters on the market, in all cosmetics segments – mostly organic, but also conventional and dermocosmetics brands. This can be explained both by the properties they are endowed with and their excellent skin tolerance…


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