May 10, 2017 Trends

Cosmetics for girls in bloom

Clearly, the makeup trend is getting more and more regressive. Pop and acid packaging, fruity smells, flashy colours… it is all intended to remind us of our childhood. And yet, all these playground-looking cosmetics are not made for young girls, but for women with an assertive behaviour. What is left for teenage girls who have only just started taking care of themselves, but do not want to use products not intended for them?

Although the cosmetics offering is huge, products targeted at teenage girls are getting rare on the market. Despite a few references with hardly attractive packaging in supermarkets, it is complicated to take care of your skin when you are young. However, brands like Cattier, Lavera, Sanoflore, Dr Hauschka, or even Absolution, do offer solutions and ranges dedicated to this age group.

Two organic brands have banked on products for young girls. The objective? Offering them cosmetics exclusively made for them, and which both address their problems and preserve their skins.

Lady Green

Project genesis
After working in the cosmetics industry for a major group, Virginie Vinet, creator of Lady Green, decided to found her own brand in 2012. She quickly realized young girls were under-represented on the market. ‘Whether in supermarkets or parapharmacies, cosmetics intended for teenage girls are completely out of step with what they actually want. They want girly, but efficient products,' she explains.

The organic choice
Going organic felt only natural to me', the brand creator recalls. To her, ‘almost 80% of teenagers have skin problems due to puberty and hormonal changes. So, it was just inconceivable for me to develop formulas that would not be gentle or would not preserve the skin.' Her products are also cruelty-free, ‘a trend young people are pretty keen on,' Virginie Vinet asserts.

The range
Coloured packaging and sweet perfumes: such is the brand's leitmotiv to seduce young girls. The products offered range from a micellar lotion to a face scrub, and even a day cream. Lady Green has also developed a lip balm and a mascara for a sophisticated, but not outrageous result.

A proactive brand
The brand's strength is the community united for the project. Virginie Vinet reveals that ‘the brand was born thanks to 12- to 25-year-old girls.' With a panel of 400 testers, Lady Green allows these young girls to get involved in the choice of names or fragrances. In addition, the founder explains that the efficacy tests are performed on young girls over 18, as required by cosmetics regulations.
Also, Lady Green partners with a few YouTubers to talk about their products and explain how to use them.

What about boys?
Although the brand praises skincare for girls, Virginie Vinet explains this feature is about to change: a boys' range is to be launched in early 2018. This marketing choice can be explained ‘simply by the fact that young men use as many cosmetics as girls. Besides, their skin condition is also a matter of concern. It is only normal that they can be offered products designed for them,' the creator adds.

Where to find the products
They are available in all your usual points of sale, as well as on the brand's online store. Count €15 to €20 for a product containing 150 ml on average.

Être ado by Fun'Ethic

Project genesis
Launched in 2012 by parents from a blended family, Fun'Ethic is positioned as a brand that aims to break the codes of the standard industry. Awareness and nature preservation: that is how the brand's credo goes. The family actually stage themselves, since every member is represented by a fictitious character. The idea is to offer products adapted to each and everyone, and that is why Fun'Ethic has developed a range for teens.

The organic choice
Anxious for everyone's wellness, including that of nature, the brand has made the formulation of organic products a prerequisite. Their products are made in France and Ecocert-certified – an extra safety guarantee.

The range
The products in the Être ado range are intended for young girls and presented in a relatively sober packaging. They help young skins fight against their imperfections and are antibacterial, purifying, and seboregulating.
Être ado comprises a micellar water, a body and hair oil, a day cream, and a deodorant.

Where to find the products
They are available in all your usual points of sale, through mass distribution networks, and on the brand's online store.
Prices are affordable: from €5 to €12 for volumes ranging between 100 ml and 200 ml.

It is important to take care of your skin, even when you are only a teen. But it is also essential to use products adapted to young, fragile epidermises. There is no need to use products for older women: you had better enjoy this carefree period, it will not last!


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